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  • Tuesday 26 July 2016

  • This web site is dedicated to the SAPHIR project, which is supported by the European Commission through the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Development .

    Industrial needs in terms of multifunctionnal components are increasing. Nanotechnologies could play a key role in promoting innovation in design and realisation of multifunctional products for the future, either by improving usual products or creating new functions and new products. Nevertheless, this huge evolution of the industry of materials could only happen if the main technological and economic challenges are solved with reference to the societal acceptance. Those concern the mastering, over the whole life cycle of the products, of the potential risks, by an integration of the elaboration channels, while taking into account recycling. The general objective of the project is the safe, integrated and controlled production of high-tech multifunctional nano-structured products including their recycling, and ensuring competitiveness.




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    The following objectives are pursued:

    1. all along the production sequence, no nanoparticle release will be encountered.
    2. the whole production sequence will consist in linking in a safe way existing or emerging elementary processes
    3. the production sequence will be controlled by innovative systems covering process efficiency, product reliability, global safety production, & traceability
    4. recycling
    5. industrial scale-up